Medicare is Broken – Trying to Get a New Wheelchair for over 6 Months

That’s right, Medicare is broken and not just a little bit either… In writing this, I want to make something very clear from the start; I’m doing this in hopes of making some sort of positive change, in hopes that a congressperson or a representative, or someone very high up in
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My New 2008 Braun Entervan XT

State of Maine Charging me an Extra $800 Sales Tax For My Wheelchair Van!

Time for a major rant! This little doozy has been gnawing at me for over 4 months, ever since I purchased my new to me, but definitely used handicap accessible van, and got charged $800 sales tax by the State of Maine for handicap equipment that had already been taxed once
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Don’t Let Stupid People Ruin Your Day

Woke up this morning raring to go to write a post about some conquering life awesomeness, only to have my morning plans thrown into a tailspin as I browsed through the flood of hateful and ignorant comments regarding the outcome of last night’s election.  The one that really
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