• Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Wireless Controller
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Taking the Wireless Controller Part
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Jumpering a Button to Make It Work
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Tracing out The Terminals We Needed
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - The 8 Conductor Cable
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - The Wireless Remote and the Cable Mocked in the Place
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Soldering up the First Button
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - A Closer View of the Board, Solderable Holes, and Connections
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - The Wireless Remote and the Cable Mocked in the Place
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Interfacing with my HAI OmniPro II

Do-It-Yourself Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation

Had one of the funniest/most rewarding geeky evenings last night figuring out how to automate my Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable electric bed with my good ole automation buddy Andrew.  Since getting this whole Quadomated home automation stuff together one of my biggest wish list
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  • Windows Media Center - Home Screen
  • Windows Media Center - TV Guide
  • Windows Media Center - Live TV
  • Windows Media Center - Music Library
  • Windows Media Center - Photo Gallery
  • Windows Media Center - Netflix Streaming
  • Windows Media Center - Media Browser Movie Library
  • Windows Media Center - Media Browser Movie Detail

Media Awesomeness – My Home Theater PC Setup

One of the centerpieces of my automated smarthome, and definitely the most enjoyable part of my Home Automation/Media Distribution System is all the awesome home entertainment features that can be enjoyed around the house through my HTPCs (Home Theater Personal Computers). So
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Integrating Somfy ILT Electric Shade with HAI OmniPro

Probably the most difficult thing to figure out how to integrate into my HAI Omnipro was the Somfy ILT electric shade motors. Not because it was that difficult to do, but because the technical documentation explaining how to do it was so very scattered and hard-to-find. I hope by
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Anderson Casement Window – 24 VDC Electric Motor Automation

When purchasing windows for Quadomated I did a whole lot of searching for the most energy-efficient window that I could automate with some sort of electric motor or actuator.  Initially I was completely overtaken by the significant energy efficiency increase of the Canadian built
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  • Tane Pill and 3/8
  • Tane Pill Style Magnetic Contacts Sensor Installed on Casement Window Inside
  • Tane Pill Magnetic Contacts Sensor Installed Underneath Casement Window Trim
  • Tane 3/8
  • Tane 3/8
  • Tane 3/8

Window and Door Contact Sensors

A big part of any home automation/security system is the contact sensors that let you monitor the state of the windows and doors. Most often these sensors use a reed switch on the stationary window/door frame and a magnet on the moving window/door. A reed switch is a simple
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Home Automation – Wire Naming Convention

Okay, so you made up your mind, you’re going to run thousands of feet of wire throughout your house and jump in waist deep with this whole home automation stuff.  Great!  But, if you’re going to be running all this wire you need a good way to keep it all straight. So… a few
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Automated Lighting – Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)

When it came to choosing the Automated Lighting standard for Quadomated I was absolutely overwhelmed with choices and possibilities.  There are just so many different manufacturers and standards to choose between, and each of them with a dramatically different set of wiring
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Charmed Quark Controller – Wake on LAN

I’ve been spending lots of time working on my automation rules over the past couple weeks, thinking about the activities I do in my life over and over again, and trying to come up with a way to smartly automate them.  One of these routines I do every single day is my morning
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Home Automation Media Server – Design & Components

As I’ve played around in this whole world of home automation, I’ve quickly realized that the possibilities are endless, but that in order to do it all I needed more than just a great security/automation panel; I needed a whole house automation system.  So what does this mean?  I
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Home Automation – Prewiring Considerations

Run lots of wire!!! Like way more than you think you’ll ever need… because someday you’ll wish you had it! For Quadomated that meant over 8000 feet of home automation wiring… and I still wish we had pulled some more!  Probably sounds like crazy overkill, but think of it this way,
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