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Media Awesomeness – My Home Theater PC Setup

One of the centerpieces of my automated smarthome, and definitely the most enjoyable part of my Home Automation/Media Distribution System is all the awesome home entertainment features that can be enjoyed around the house through my HTPCs (Home Theater Personal Computers). So
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Mouse for a Quadriplegic – Kensington Expert Trackball

Over the past couple months I’ve read several questions by fellow quadriplegics at the CareCure and Apparelyzed Spinal Cord Injury forums about what mouse to use and how to set it up to work best for a quadriplegic.  Not saying that my setup is the absolute best or anything, but
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Home Automation Media Server – Design & Components

As I’ve played around in this whole world of home automation, I’ve quickly realized that the possibilities are endless, but that in order to do it all I needed more than just a great security/automation panel; I needed a whole house automation system.  So what does this mean?  I
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  • Computer Set up for Quadriplegic

Computer for a Quadriplegic

Lots of people wonder how I use my computer so quickly. They see my hands that don’t exactly work (I am a quadriplegic after all) and wonder how I can get so much accomplished/respond to emails so quickly/write these blog posts with just a little plastic stick in my hand. The
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