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Home Automation – Prewiring Considerations

Run lots of wire!!! Like way more than you think you’ll ever need… because someday you’ll wish you had it! For Quadomated that meant over 8000 feet of home automation wiring… and I still wish we had pulled some more!  Probably sounds like crazy overkill, but think of it this way,
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Home Automation Overview

One of the primary goals when I started Quadomated was to document the building of a “passive solar smart automated home.”  Throughout this journey I showed bits and pieces of the pre-wiring, wrote posts/took pictures of the individual subsystems, and in a couple places even
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Automation System Phase 2: Parts Ordered

Okay folks… it’s now 7:46 PM.  Let’s see how much I can get written before I head into the next room to watch SURVIVOR. Automation!  This was a huge day for me!  There’s no way any of you could realize this, but over the last 6-8 weeks I put my automation
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