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Warm Concrete and Nearly Finished Garage

Hey there folks, Not to worry, I haven’t forgotten about you, this blog, or documenting my awesome project. Just had an overwhelming amount of distractions, real-life responsibilities, and overall not so fun stuff to keep me from writing.  What might you say? Let’s
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Sheetrock Started, Still No Heat, Random Update

This will be a bit of a progress/random catchall update to bring you all up to where the project is at today and talk about a very cool thing that I’ve thought about/designed/bought stuff for, but haven’t mentioned in the blog. The boys finished laying the insulation this
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Four Walls Up And Cutting A Few Trees

The carpenters finished most of the fourth wall on Thursday and then it rained all day on Friday, and we cut some trees this morning to clear out the view towards Big Rock and Aroostook State Park.  A big thank you to Steve Higgins for cutting most of the big stuff! Onto
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