Aerial Photos and Final Earthwork

Thought I heard the buzzing of Paul Cyr and Gary Lavaway’s motorized parachute in between rain showers over the weekend, but wasn’t sure until now. Check out these super cool photos that showed up in my inbox this morning of Quadomated a few days after the pavement and just
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Roof Finished, Earthwork, Rigid Insulation

Very busy day up on the hill! It finally warmed up this afternoon enough that I bundled myself up with a warm fleece, threw on a hat, and put my hood up like a gangster.  As I was rolling up State Street I could hear all sorts of commotion, sounded like heavy equipment moving
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Concrete Forms, Radiant Heat, and Septic Tank

WOW!   Yesterday turned out to be a super busy day!   When I got up to the project site yesterday morning there was over six men up there.  Earthworks was moving dirt with an excavator, bulldozer, and hauling in fill with 2 dump trucks; the concrete men were reinforcing their
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