HAI Omnipro II

  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Wireless Controller
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Taking the Wireless Controller Part
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Jumpering a Button to Make It Work
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Tracing out The Terminals We Needed
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - The 8 Conductor Cable
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - The Wireless Remote and the Cable Mocked in the Place
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Soldering up the First Button
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - A Closer View of the Board, Solderable Holes, and Connections
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - The Wireless Remote and the Cable Mocked in the Place
  • Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Interfacing with my HAI OmniPro II

Do-It-Yourself Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation

Had one of the funniest/most rewarding geeky evenings last night figuring out how to automate my Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable electric bed with my good ole automation buddy Andrew.  Since getting this whole Quadomated home automation stuff together one of my biggest wish list
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Integrating Somfy ILT Electric Shade with HAI OmniPro

Probably the most difficult thing to figure out how to integrate into my HAI Omnipro was the Somfy ILT electric shade motors. Not because it was that difficult to do, but because the technical documentation explaining how to do it was so very scattered and hard-to-find. I hope by
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Automated Lighting – Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)

When it came to choosing the Automated Lighting standard for Quadomated I was absolutely overwhelmed with choices and possibilities.  There are just so many different manufacturers and standards to choose between, and each of them with a dramatically different set of wiring
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Home Automation Controller – HAI OmniPro II

Might as well start with the big guns!  Probably the most important decision of Quadomated and for any home automation project is which security/automation panel will be the central brains of your system? I researched this question for several months and found the folks at
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Home Automation Overview

One of the primary goals when I started Quadomated was to document the building of a “passive solar smart automated home.”  Throughout this journey I showed bits and pieces of the pre-wiring, wrote posts/took pictures of the individual subsystems, and in a couple places even
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The Home Automation Is Finally Happening!

It’s about time! Hey friends! Got some absolutely awesome news about my home automation progress. Go figure, Facebook absolutely saved the day a few weeks ago, when I made the plea for help across my “social network”, and got a response from several friends of a
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Coax, Network, Phone Distribution

Maybe a new spin for some of you dog followers out there, but back to some technical stuff. That is after all why this blog was created and is all (well mostly… now that I’ve got Caleb) about! Don’t want anyone thinking I forgot I’m a nerd! Finally starting to
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Thanksgiving Automation Wiring

Who would have ever thought that the holidays would be such a great time to get a bunch of work done! My sister and her husband made it home early Wednesday afternoon, and guess what Andrew and I got all sorts of things done. Seems that my brother-in-law isn’t too good at
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HAI Omnipro II Test Bay

I made some major progress with the home automation system this Saturday with the help of my good buddy Craig. We snipped and stripped a few wires and get everything set up on my test bay so that I could test each subsystem one at a time in a controlled environment. So far
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More Roofing and Windows Installed

A couple pictures from early this morning, show the roofers well on their way and the majority of the windows installed.  If I took these photos a few hours later… say 5 PM this afternoon it would be dark, but you’d see that all the windows in place, just a little bit of
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