Paul Cyr

Aerial Photos with Me!

I was headed home from the project site Tuesday afternoon around 5:30 PM and I got a phone call from a friend telling me to get my butt back there because Gary Lavaway and Paul Cyr were flying overhead with their motorized paraglider. SO COOL! Check out the photos they got with
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Better Than Google Earth!

Now this is so cool! I thought I saw Paul Cyr up in his paraglider last evening, but never did I expect to find these pictures in my inbox. Overjoyed! Just think this is so awesome. Not much else to write as far as construction goes. The concrete guys said they’d be there
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Aerial Photos of the School Farm

Sometimes on a sunny afternoon/early evening up this way you can hear the high-pitched whine and see the colorful parachutes of motorized paragliders flying across the sky. One of these paragliders often houses a talented photographer named Paul Cyr who is extremely well known
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