Automated Lighting – Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)

When it came to choosing the Automated Lighting standard for Quadomated I was absolutely overwhelmed with choices and possibilities.  There are just so many different manufacturers and standards to choose between, and each of them with a dramatically different set of wiring
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The Home Automation Is Finally Happening!

It’s about time! Hey friends! Got some absolutely awesome news about my home automation progress. Go figure, Facebook absolutely saved the day a few weeks ago, when I made the plea for help across my “social network”, and got a response from several friends of a
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Automation System Rundown

There has been a steady stream of UPS and FedEx trucks rolling in and out of our driveway over the past few weeks. What have they been bringing, but my automation equipment! I had the perfect opportunity to get everything organized this weekend. My sister and her husband (yes…
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