window shades

Integrating Somfy ILT Electric Shade with HAI OmniPro

Probably the most difficult thing to figure out how to integrate into my HAI Omnipro was the Somfy ILT electric shade motors. Not because it was that difficult to do, but because the technical documentation explaining how to do it was so very scattered and hard-to-find. I hope by
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The Home Automation Is Finally Happening!

It’s about time! Hey friends! Got some absolutely awesome news about my home automation progress. Go figure, Facebook absolutely saved the day a few weeks ago, when I made the plea for help across my “social network”, and got a response from several friends of a
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Somfy ILT Roller Motors

Snagged an incredible deal on some brand-new Somfy 506S2 ILT2 roller shade motors off of eBay. These motors are the best of the best with embedded electronics, encoder-based positioning, and bidirectional communications. Even more important, my HAI OmniProII control system has
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