September 2011

Coax, Network, Phone Distribution

Maybe a new spin for some of you dog followers out there, but back to some technical stuff. That is after all why this blog was created and is all (well mostly… now that I’ve got Caleb) about! Don’t want anyone thinking I forgot I’m a nerd! Finally starting to
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And… Catching up the Month of September

And, stepping through last month up till now… August 31 – Caleb Looking Awfully Handsome on the Backyard/Deck September 8 – A Few Action Shots I made for CCI of Caleb Helping Me Pay for Vegetables at the School Farm September 10 – A Trip to Portland for a
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Two Months without a Post… What’s up with That!

Hmmmmm… How does one catch up after 2 months of blogging inactivity? Definitely with an apology for all of you who were concerned that something might have happened to me. I’m healthy and have had a truly wonderful summer enjoying the occasional sunny/non-rainy day, my new
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