October 2011

I’m Thirsty… Caleb Getting Me a Drink from the Fridge!

Caleb and I have been working on a pretty cool trick over the past several weeks and wanted to share the progress with you. What we call it is… “I’m Thirsty”, and it involves Caleb taking off running across the house, pulling a towel on my mini beverage
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Quadomated Thermal Performance

A number of you been curious about the thermal performance of Quadomated, so how about it, have we turned on the heat yet? Heck no!  So what have we noticed after living here over the past 6 months Passive solar really works! In the winter, when it’s cold outside, and the
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Caleb and I Made It on the Front Page of the Northeast Companion

Canine Companions for Independence sends out a quarterly newsletter about their great organization, the graduates, puppy raisers, and everything wonderful going on with their wonderful service dogs. Yours truly and Caleb the Super Dog made it on the front page with this article:
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