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Quadomated is Back!

After way too many months of silence, a summer full of Caleb the Super Dog adventures unshared, Quadomated electronic awesomeness undocumented, and my rants about the screwedupness of the disability system unheard I think it’s time Quadomated refound its voice! And this
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  • Computer Set up for Quadriplegic

Computer for a Quadriplegic

Lots of people wonder how I use my computer so quickly. They see my hands that don’t exactly work (I am a quadriplegic after all) and wonder how I can get so much accomplished/respond to emails so quickly/write these blog posts with just a little plastic stick in my hand. The
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5 Years Ago Today

This is the day, that 5 years ago forever changed my life. Absolutely incredible, unthinkable, holy crap it’s already been 5 years since my “fallen and I can’t get up” broke my neck ski crash at Dear Valley. It’s unfathomable to think about everything that
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Caleb Saved the Day!

Let me preface this blog entry by saying I’m not hugely comfortable about posting it, but feel strongly that I should, so here goes. I’ve always tried to keep my blog completely positive and only about the great things in life, but truth be known, that isn’t how it
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The Home Automation Is Finally Happening!

It’s about time! Hey friends! Got some absolutely awesome news about my home automation progress. Go figure, Facebook absolutely saved the day a few weeks ago, when I made the plea for help across my “social network”, and got a response from several friends of a
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