Conquering Life

Keep Mike Rollin’ – A Thank You to so Many

I sit here this morning, thinking about the past week, and especially last Thursday night trying to come up with a suitable way to say thank you to so many, but also express so much more. It’s so difficult to put to words what the last week meant to me, and honestly I’ve got
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Almost died the other day…

Complacency, that’s what almost killed me this past Wednesday.  Carefree, doing something I’ve done 1000 times before, without a care in the world, thinking everything would just be okay. Let me tell you what happened, not so you’ll feel bad, or be like “Mike…!  I’m so gl
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A look back on 2013, where’d Quadomated go?!?

Okay, okay, okay, you’ve got me… I haven’t been much of a blogger these past 9 months. A few of you have even written me personally to make sure everything was okay, and I’m sure many of you have wondered what the hell happened to Quadomated?!? Well I’ve been great, everything
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  • Ski Racing a Big Rock

Growing up in Small Ski Town USA

My father takes a left-hand turn on to the Graves Road with our rusty old station wagon, as we bump up the dirt road into the parking lot of Big Rock early that Saturday morning. It’s 7:20 AM, more than an hour and a half before the mountain opens for the day, and there are only
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Dragon Mobile Assistant

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Totally Hands-Free with Dragon Mobile Assistant

This post is about setting up and using a cell phone completely hands-free.  While it is heavily tailored for those with high-level disabilities it could also be very useful for anyone looking to use a cell phone hands-free while driving. Okay, so I’ve finally found a totally
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Selling my Ford Econoline E-150 Wheelchair Van - Getting Loaded up on the Car Carrier

The end of a legacy… Goodbye Big Black!

Sold my old van this weekend, and you know what… I got all choked up, sentimental, and almost cried as I watched it drive away. Thinking back over my lifetime of vehicles, I’ve always thought it’s kind of crazy this deep emotional bond we attach to our vehicles, the memories we
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  • No Buttons Headset BlueAnt Magnetic Hands-Free Headset
  • Hands-Free Bluetooth Speakerphone BlueAuntS4
  • Dragon Mobile Assistant Hands-Free Virtual Assistant Android Phone Application

CALL TO ACTION – Completely Hands-Free Cell Phone?!?

Reaching out to all of you to help me find a completely hands-free cell phone for a higher-level quadriplegic who reached out to me through Quadomated. I’ve been researching this all day with my Samsung Galaxy S3, and while I’ve gotten close I still need a home screen or headset
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Most Touching Christmas Present Ever

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Been a pretty freaking amazing Christmas up at the Quadomated house… lots of great food (uh… my poor quad belly), family (I’m always so happy when my sister and her hubby are in the house), and fun times with the doggies (Caleb and Daisy sure do love
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Caleb Just Wants Everyone to Feel Better

I’ve written a couple times about Caleb helping me through the sick/tough days in Caleb Getting Me through the Sick Days and Caleb Saved the Day!, but what really has amazed me is how he acts when somebody else gets sick.  Seems the flu bug has attacked our house over the past
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How I Got My Dream Job as a Ski Lift Engineer

Wow!  What a journey through some of the most incredible memories/feelings of my life.  In preparing to write this post I just browsed through the 50+ emails during the months of March 2005 to February 2006 leading up to me landing my dream job at Doppelmayr CTEC.  What a feeling
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