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Dragon Mobile Assistant

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Totally Hands-Free with Dragon Mobile Assistant

This post is about setting up and using a cell phone completely hands-free.  While it is heavily tailored for those with high-level disabilities it could also be very useful for anyone looking to use a cell phone hands-free while driving. Okay, so I’ve finally found a totally
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Selling my Ford Econoline E-150 Wheelchair Van - Getting Loaded up on the Car Carrier

The end of a legacy… Goodbye Big Black!

Sold my old van this weekend, and you know what… I got all choked up, sentimental, and almost cried as I watched it drive away. Thinking back over my lifetime of vehicles, I’ve always thought it’s kind of crazy this deep emotional bond we attach to our vehicles, the memories we
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  • No Buttons Headset BlueAnt Magnetic Hands-Free Headset
  • Hands-Free Bluetooth Speakerphone BlueAuntS4
  • Dragon Mobile Assistant Hands-Free Virtual Assistant Android Phone Application

CALL TO ACTION – Completely Hands-Free Cell Phone?!?

Reaching out to all of you to help me find a completely hands-free cell phone for a higher-level quadriplegic who reached out to me through Quadomated. I’ve been researching this all day with my Samsung Galaxy S3, and while I’ve gotten close I still need a home screen or headset
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Mouse for a Quadriplegic – Kensington Expert Trackball

Over the past couple months I’ve read several questions by fellow quadriplegics at the CareCure and Apparelyzed Spinal Cord Injury forums about what mouse to use and how to set it up to work best for a quadriplegic.  Not saying that my setup is the absolute best or anything, but
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  • Computer Set up for Quadriplegic

Computer for a Quadriplegic

Lots of people wonder how I use my computer so quickly. They see my hands that don’t exactly work (I am a quadriplegic after all) and wonder how I can get so much accomplished/respond to emails so quickly/write these blog posts with just a little plastic stick in my hand. The
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