American Olean

Almost All Done: We Moved In!

A lot can happen in three weeks, especially at this point in the game. Let’s see… All the flooring has been laid, the walls repainted, electrical in the house all finished, and as I type this I can hear the hum of the insulation machine in the background. Oh yeah… and… this
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Time for More Detail: Bathroom Tile

Probably one of the coolest/most technically challenging rooms in the whole house is my roll-in shower. I honestly can’t say I understand why anyone would want to have a shower in their house any other way. Forget about the wheelchair/accessibility challenges and it just
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My Crazy Awesome 6″ x 24″ Tile

My family room is almost all tiled up… and… Wow! What a dang big/fine job. I really wanted to go with something different, out of the ordinary with my family room and decided to go with a very cool 6 x 24″ color body porcelain tile from American Olean. It’s dark lines
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