automation wiring

Thanksgiving Automation Wiring

Who would have ever thought that the holidays would be such a great time to get a bunch of work done! My sister and her husband made it home early Wednesday afternoon, and guess what Andrew and I got all sorts of things done. Seems that my brother-in-law isn’t too good at
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Snow… cold… feels like winter!

I can hardly contain myself at how excited I am to soon have HEAT! The blog updates and pictures have been a little sparse over the past week because it’s been so darn cold, the evening so early, and we so busy with the automation wiring that I haven’t had many good
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More Automation Wiring

There has been a whole lot accomplished with the automation system. Major complements to my dad for being the prime mover behind making it all happen. I was a little bit nervous about working with my dad on all this wiring, because we don’t always see eye to eye (I am an
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