Smoothing out the Dirt Piles, Roofing, Doors

What a bustle of activity up on the hill today! I was so busy this morning working on webpages and doing homework that I didn’t make it up to the job site until 2 PM. By that time the sun was shining full force through all the front windows and even without insulation I
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Automatic Door Opener

I’ve been spending lots of time researching automatic door openers over the last several months and have come up with a couple thoughts: There aren’t many manufacturers that make them They cost an awful lot of money I could probably make one myself for much cheaper
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Automation Overview

Hard to believe that it’s been almost a full week since I wrote last, but throw in the preparation for a few weddings, bachelor party, 10-year high school reunion, trying out new wheelchairs, and applying for grants and you can see how quickly time can escape. And this was
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