garage door

Designers Block… What a Difference 2 Days Makes

So I had planned to write a very enthusiastic, holy poo-digity is the house ever looking abso-tutely spanktastic, but I started working on a website tonight and got in the darned worst designers block (that’s when you stare at the screen forever trying to come up with
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Garage and AV Rack

I decided something tonight… I absolutely despise my father’s new hobby of watching Sunday night football. Thankfully he went skiing today, within the next 30 min (time for food to hit the ole belly) he’ll be passed out on the couch and I can sneak in and turn off the
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Warm Concrete and Nearly Finished Garage

Hey there folks, Not to worry, I haven’t forgotten about you, this blog, or documenting my awesome project. Just had an overwhelming amount of distractions, real-life responsibilities, and overall not so fun stuff to keep me from writing.  What might you say? Let’s
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