Garage Rebar, Interior Wall Framing, Radiant Heat

Finding it awfully challenging to concentrate on schoolwork with the house being built throughout the day.  Seems like I want to be right in the middle of everything throughout the day and seldom get what I wanted accomplished during the day.  Not like it’s going to change
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Holy Rebar!

The concrete guys finished tying the rebar grid yesterday. Now I understand why the majority of the concrete subcontractors I had bid the job wanted to use wire mesh with a rebar grid of 4 foot squares. 1 foot squares… what an incredible amount of work and so much
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Rebar and Rigid Insulation

A few of the concrete subcontractor’s men were up on site early this afternoon getting everything ready for some serious work tomorrow. They dropped off a huge bunch of 2 inch rigid insulation and several hundred feet of rebar. I’m very excited to see the action start
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