Smoothing out the Dirt Piles, Roofing, Doors

What a bustle of activity up on the hill today! I was so busy this morning working on webpages and doing homework that I didn’t make it up to the job site until 2 PM. By that time the sun was shining full force through all the front windows and even without insulation I
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Gravel Pad Completed

Earthworks put in a strong day at the site and got a whole lot accomplished today. We’re extremely happy with the progress so far! I showed up at the site this morning to watch Mike and John work the bulldozer and vibrating roller as several loads of gravel were trucked in
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Ground Breaking

Went cruising up State Street in my wheelchair this afternoon and as I got closer to the lot I heard all kinds of rumbling. In the distance I saw a big yellow bulldozer and immediately realized that THINGS ARE STARTING TO HAPPEN. Gave me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach.
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