Time for More Detail: Bathroom Tile

Probably one of the coolest/most technically challenging rooms in the whole house is my roll-in shower. I honestly can’t say I understand why anyone would want to have a shower in their house any other way. Forget about the wheelchair/accessibility challenges and it just
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Just a Teaser… It’s about Time You Say!

Lousy excuse I know, but I’m finding is so impossible to keep myself away from the new house (especially when the guys are there working), that by the time I get home at night I’ve got an inbox full of e-mails and the rest of my regular life to catch up on that I’m
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Kitchen Cabinets Installed, Tequila Line Paint, and Much Much More Tile

There’s certainly plenty of things to write about tonight. Pretty amazing that I’m finding it difficult to keep up with the blog because I’m at the house so often, but I feel like a chimpanzee with his first taste of cotton candy. I just can’t get enough
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