Roof Finished, Earthwork, Rigid Insulation

Very busy day up on the hill! It finally warmed up this afternoon enough that I bundled myself up with a warm fleece, threw on a hat, and put my hood up like a gangster.  As I was rolling up State Street I could hear all sorts of commotion, sounded like heavy equipment moving
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Roof Sheeting Day 5

Brrrr! It was only 28 degree when I woke up this morning! Too bad, because the cold weather is starting to keep me from going up the hill as often as I’d like. Not to worry, because the builders are really picking up the pace trying to get everything closed in before it
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Roof Sheeting Day 3

Okay, okay, okay… No posts for the last few days, but I’ve got a good excuse. Have noticed that my computer was acting a little boggy, the voice-recognition software was taking a little longer to recognize, and things just weren’t working the way that they should be,
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