Thank You

Overwhelmed by Support – Quadomated’s Busiest Day

WOW!  Simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support since I wrote about how I broke my neck last week.  I can’t get over the number of people far and wide who have read this post and reconnected with me.  Almost like all the most wonderful people in my life digitally
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End of the Road: Sad to See Them Go!

Today marks a very big day; The end of a 6+ month project, over 2 years’ worth of planning, and a whole lot of elbow grease, sleepless nights, and endless decisions. The Michaud boys showed up this morning with their coffee cups, a random assortment of stuff to tiddy up loose
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Almost All Done: We Moved In!

A lot can happen in three weeks, especially at this point in the game. Let’s see… All the flooring has been laid, the walls repainted, electrical in the house all finished, and as I type this I can hear the hum of the insulation machine in the background. Oh yeah… and… this
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