Just a Teaser… It’s about Time You Say!

Lousy excuse I know, but I’m finding is so impossible to keep myself away from the new house (especially when the guys are there working), that by the time I get home at night I’ve got an inbox full of e-mails and the rest of my regular life to catch up on that I’m
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Incredible Transformation: Paint… Paint… Paint!

Wow! The last few days have definitely created the most dramatic change/WOW factor of the whole job. Yesterday morning things were looking nice, they were coming together, but it was still feeling like, you know, things were coming along one day at a time. Well, snap out of it
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Beautiful Sunny Day – Roofing and Siding Progress

It was a real treat to feel the 60+ degree weather and warm sun absorb into my fleece. I took the opportunity to go for probably my last “tool” around town before it gets too cold for me to enjoy. Drove my wheelchair down to North Street to see all my friends at
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