October 7, 2010

More Aerial Photos

There is nothing I could say that would adequately describe how absolutely amazing these photos are. I’ll let the pictures do the speaking for me! Thank you Paul Cyr and Gary Lavaway!   I hope you realize how much this means to me and my family!
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Dropped the.blogspot and am now Quadomated.com

Been working on various websites all afternoon, one for a very cool Northern Maine Outdoor Enthusiasts community and a second for a large charity cycling ride happening next summer to benefit children with diabetes. Will keep quiet on the specifics and web addresses for these
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Roof Trusses Day 1

Half the Roof Trusses Make It up! Jerry and Mike showed up yesterday morning to make sense of the piles of trusses and get everything ready before the crane showed up .  Nobody really plan on having to do this, but after closer inspection of the piles of trusses it was obvious
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