passive solar

  • Beautiful Sunny Winter Day - Low Sun Angle on 1/2/2013
  • Family Room Windows - A beautiful, sunny, blistery winter day - 0°F with 20-30 mph winds
  • Family Room Windows - Lookout Deep the Sun Radiates into the Space
  • Beautiful Sunny Winter Day - Caleb Enjoying the Sunshine

The Passive Solar Effect

It’s a bitterly cold day outside.  The outside temperature is around 0°F, 20-30 mph winds, wind chill close to -30°F and I couldn’t feel toastier!  Oh how I love the passive solar effect!  Sunshine streaming in through the windows, a concrete floor soaking up the radiant heat,
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Quadomated Thermal Performance

A number of you been curious about the thermal performance of Quadomated, so how about it, have we turned on the heat yet? Heck no!  So what have we noticed after living here over the past 6 months Passive solar really works! In the winter, when it’s cold outside, and the
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The House Design

A lot of different ideas/themes/principles have gone into the designing of this house. Accessibility, open floor plan, passive solar, and universal design all floated through our heads as we worked on revision after revision. Hundreds of hours later we have arrived at a floor
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