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Dragon Mobile Assistant

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Totally Hands-Free with Dragon Mobile Assistant

This post is about setting up and using a cell phone completely hands-free.  While it is heavily tailored for those with high-level disabilities it could also be very useful for anyone looking to use a cell phone hands-free while driving. Okay, so I’ve finally found a totally
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SpeechWare USB 9-in-1 TableMike Microphone

Over the past several months I’ve been researching high and low for a new voice recognition microphone.  My good old trusty Buddy Gooseneck microphone has finally started to show its age and no longer considered the top of its game.  Since I use voice recognition technology for
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recognition

Seems like a pretty simple concept, but something that has made an absolute profound difference in my life.  To think what it would be like as a quadriplegic without my computer, and particularly without the voice recognition software I use to interact with it so effectively
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  • Computer Set up for Quadriplegic

Computer for a Quadriplegic

Lots of people wonder how I use my computer so quickly. They see my hands that don’t exactly work (I am a quadriplegic after all) and wonder how I can get so much accomplished/respond to emails so quickly/write these blog posts with just a little plastic stick in my hand. The
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Background: Me, my abilities, the project

Let’s see… how about a little background about me and what I’m trying to accomplish here. Three years ago, before a skiing injury left me a quadriplegic, I was living in Utah working as a controls engineer for a large ski lift manufacturer enjoying the outdoorsy
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