Leviton enclosures

Thanksgiving Automation Wiring

Who would have ever thought that the holidays would be such a great time to get a bunch of work done! My sister and her husband made it home early Wednesday afternoon, and guess what Andrew and I got all sorts of things done. Seems that my brother-in-law isn’t too good at
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Siding and Electrical

What happened to all our sunlight? It’s amazing how short the days get up here in northern Maine as we near the winter solstice and the sun starts to lose its energy. Lately it’s been rather cold in the mornings and rather dark in the afternoons, especially with all
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Automation System Phase 2: Parts Ordered

Okay folks… it’s now 7:46 PM.  Let’s see how much I can get written before I head into the next room to watch SURVIVOR. Automation!  This was a huge day for me!  There’s no way any of you could realize this, but over the last 6-8 weeks I put my automation
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